Three Story Sandbox

Ed Enright, DownBeat “Editor’s Pick”
“The music is stunning and brilliant in its unfettered freedom; its success is the result of each musician’s technical virtuosity, not to mention their shared history of interaction and dedication to the pursuit of artistry…A kaleidoscopic array of aural imagery… Borla employs a full range of tones, timbres, whispers, clicks and lip-smacks as she nimbly vocalizes in a language that’s all her own.” 

John Lane, Percussive Notes
"Daring, expressive, and full of unbridled creativity... Brilliant and totally uninhibited... The real soul of the project is Borla's vocals, at times haunting, soaring, whimsical, and everything in between... A combination of the most sophisticated and challenging western art music (e.g., John Cage), combined with an exotic world music ambiance, tied all together with the sensibilities of free jazz." 

  • Pas De Deux4:25
  • Slap Happy2:32
  • Snap And Twirl2:32

Jack Mouse and Scott Robinson with Janice Borla

Tall Grass Records, 2016  (TG 8283)


1. The summons
2. The Forge
3. Conjurer
4. Across the Veld
5. Maelstrom
6. Pas de Deux
7. Blood Moon Rising
8. Slap Happy
9. Brushfyre
10. Anghiari
11 March to Castile
12. Snap and Twirl
13. Beam Me Up
14. Circe’s Lament
15. Hand Blown
16. Scott Free

Scott Robinson – tenor saxophone, c melody saxophone, cornet & e-flat clarinet​
Jack Mouse – drums

Janice Borla - vocals