Steve Harris, WTJU 91.1 FM, University of Virginia

“A challenging, spontaneous and full of imagination release from creative musicians who communicate so well together.”

Thierry De Clemensat,

"Culturally, it’s a marvelous album, a kind of music meant to be experienced and enjoyed live. Both vocally and musically, we’re dealing with top-tier artists here. Their musical compatibility, proficient in all jazz styles, is vividly captured. The role of the violin here is that of a narrator, while the voice serves as that of an actor/singer, sometimes joyful, sometimes inquisitive, sometimes dancing, like a breath of life. The voice belongs to Janice Borla, commanding and precise, impossible to ignore, much like the violin. Conversations unfold between voices and instruments, undoubtedly compelling the listener to reflect on themselves, their way of experiencing art, the arts… a ‘Coup de Cœur' (favorite).”

Matt Micucci, Jazziz Magazine

“With this dynamic new album, the musicians aim to craft improvised music that exudes a distinctly composed feel. They deftly intertwine spontaneous, structured interactions and thematic explorations across various musical landscapes. Notably, “Second Line Strut,” our Song of the Day, pays a futuristic homage to the New Orleans second line parade, showcasing their innovative approach to musical expression. This piece is just a glimpse into the richness of Artful Dodgers, one of its 13 tracks, each meticulously designed to evoke a distinct ambience and weave a unique narrative.”

Leonardo Diaz V, Actual Jazz Blogspot (Uruguay)

Artful Dodgers is an odyssey of musical improvisation that challenges the conventions of contemporary jazz… A collection of improvisations that are, surprisingly, accessible and structured. Each of the thirteen pieces is designed to convey a compelling mood and atmosphere, making them independent musical stories. Despite the spontaneity and freedom in the creation of this music, it is rich, cohesive, musical and virtuosic. "Artful Dodgers" is a masterful Three Story Sandbox recording that demonstrates the true essence of jazz improvisation.”

Sylvannia Galutch,

Artful Dodgers isn’t just another “free jazz” album. It’s an auditory exploration that ventures into the territories of mood, ambience, and compelling atmospheres. Every track tells its unique story, making it a mosaic of tales bound together by spontaneity, virtuosity, and a clear vision. In a time where free improvisation can often sound chaotic, this album consistently offers spontaneous yet beautifully organized improvisations. With Artful Dodgers, Three Story Sandbox continues to showcase their individual and collective brilliance and their creativity and skill in freely improvised music.”

Michael Doherty’s Music Log

“First off, I love the band’s name. The trio of Janice Borla on vocals, Scott Robinson on saxophone and flute, and Jack Mouse on drums and percussion are joined here by Mark Feldman on violin."

George W Harris, Jazz Weekly

“Intuitive mixes and matches put together spontaneous conjunctions.”

DeeDee NcNeil, MusicalMemoir’s Blog

“Drummer Jack Mouse has put together not only a unique sound with his ‘Three Story Sandbox’ bandmembers (Janice Borla, Scott Robinson and Mouse himself), but on this project they add a special guest, violinist Mark Feldman. This is a production of contemporary musical art, blended smoothly like fresh, whipped cream, with a sweet sense of Avant-garde and freedom, sprinkled liberally with Janice Borla’s vocals. The vocalist plays like a horn with the other instrumentalists.”

Reviews | Artful Dodgers

Anne Carlini, Exclusive Magazine

"Artful Dodgers is the result of what happens when “critical mass” meets opportunity — in this case, the chance to add a critical component at just the right moment to an already potent entity.”