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Reviews | Agents of Change

Jazz Times, Christopher Loudon
“A one-woman jazz tornado… Eight breathtaking musical canvases, each a perceptively executed masterpiece…Genius. Pure genius.”​

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Bob Protzman 
“A stunning singer with a lustrous voice and the technique, imagination and daring of the best improvising instrumentalists.”

Los Angeles Times, Don Heckman
“…Reaches from imaginative scat singing to surprisingly soft-toned lyrical passages…with the craft and imagination of an inventive vocal artist.”

WBGO, NY, Gary Walker 
“Borla sets a high standard for the traditional art of scat singing and employing the voice as an ensemble instrument or solo horn…She’s emotionally satisfying and technically superb, with bull’s-eye intonation and a solid tone throughout her range…The singer’s scat singing runs clean, direct and free of frills. ‘The Peacocks,’ the highlight of the album, paints a perfect film noir portrait.”​

AllMusic Guide, Scott Yanow
 “…A true jazz singer, a vocalist who constantly takes chances and stretches herself.” 

Sounds of Timeless Jazz, Paula Edelstein 

"Exquisite voice…a passionate, multi-range vocal improviser, excdellently trained multi-range vocal improviser…The perfect jazz vocal set.”

Jazziz, Zan Stewart
“A masterful example of modern jazz singing.”

KMFB, Fort Bragg, CA, Doug Moody

“Each time I play Janice Borla the phone rings.”