Reviews | From Every Angle

DownBeat, * * * * Four stars

Robert Doerschuk 
“…Borla slips into (her solos) almost unobtrusively, like a diver arcing into a pool and leaving barely a ripple…She often presents herself as a member of the band, waiting her turn to blow through a chorus of Charlie Parker’s “Segment” and Jeff Beal’s “Jazz Habit,” both of which she executes artfully and with a refreshing sense of not being in a hurry to swing…One might be fooled into thinking of From Every Angle as a group rather than as a solo project.” ​

Jazz Times, Christopher Loudon
 “…The Illinois-based vocal conjurer’s skills have grown even more magical…As alluringly hypnotic as Lani Hall…evinces the immaculate musicianship of Irene Kral…rivals the jazz smarts of Annie Ross…She’s a singular force to be examined, and appreciated, from every angle.”​

Jazz Improv’s New York Jazz Guide, Curtis Davenport
“Ms. Borla’s scatting ability…is nothing short of amazing. The wordless syllables trip off of her tongue with a lightness and a facility that I have not heard since Ella…If you have wondered whatever happened to great jazz singing, wonder no more. It is right here in the form of Janice Borla…One of the best jazz releases of the year.”

Chicago Reader, Neil Tesser
 “She shatters the stereotype of the jazz vocalist as a poseur or wannabe, infatuated with the idea of improvisation but lacking the mettle to carry it off: she’s a musician who happens to play voice...…A triumph of vocal improvisation...

AllMusic, Ken Dryden
  “…Adventurous, risk-taking approach…An impressive performance. Janice Borla clearly deserves far wider recognition with this release.”​

JazzWeek, Tad Hendrickson 
“Another fine effort from a singer who seems to do everything right.” 

All About Jazz, George Harris
“Borla has it all, and she has found the perfect setting for her voice. She is a welcome buoy in a sea of Diana Krall impressionists.”

Chicago Jazz Magazine, Paul Abella
“This is an easy recommendation for fans of vocal jazz willing to push the envelope a little bit. But it’s also an easy recommendation for anyone wanting to hear some fine jazz, vocal or otherwise. In other words, it’s a winner from every angle you look at it."